Expertise Areas
The experience acquired through the working with leading institutions, corporations, banks and companies, allows us to respond readily to all challenges posed by the legal issues.
We advise all professional profiles: members of the board of directors, directors of companies, owners of private companies, managers of sectors and individuals. 
We mediate in thorough legal issues in the following expertise areas: foreign direct investments, corporate law and corporate finances, procedural law, banking and financial law, intellectual property, public procurements, recapitalization as well as general legal consulting. 
We have exceptional expertise in the following sectors: electronic communications, information technologies, energetics, pharmacy, transportation, trade, services, banking sector and finances. 
For complete and prompt service we developed a network of external associates – prominent experts in the field of the law, economy, civil engineering etc. 
Our competitive advantage is made of:
  • Comprehensiveness: Complete legal service and information for the regulations in one place. 
  • Speed and efficiency: Through our network of contacts, partners and associates, we manage to complete all the administrative and paper works in the institutions of public administration in really short term, in favor of the clients and thus saving their time. 
  • Practicality: We always manage to deliver positive result for the client and to help him to accomplish the intended goal through our mediation.
Foreign direct investments
Foreign direct investments
For the foreign investors we mediate and consult during the process of:  
  • privatization
  • international tenders
  • representation during the privatization process
  • representation during the public bidding process
We mediate during implementation of the procedure for undertaking existing company or mediation during incorporation of new company as well as in the Republic of Macedonia.
Corporate law
Corporate law
We actively deal with the issues of the corporate law. We offer our clients legal assistance in interpretation of the prescribed regulations in this area. 
  • Protection against unfair competition and anti-monopoly law. 
We act before the Macedonian Commission for Protection of Competition in cases of determination, timely prevention and limitation of the competition, and we also conduct procedures in cases of protection against the acts of unfair competition before the courts. 
Our specialty is composed of good preparation and following the business policy of the entities, consulting during realization of the copyright works, in order to protect our clients or to prevent violation of the strict legal regulations. 
  • General corporate consulting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Incorporation of companies, subsidiaries, representative offices of foreign companies etc.
Procedural law
Procedural law
We have great experience in protection of the rights and the interests of the individuals and legal entities from the country and abroad before the courts and the bodies of the state administration and we act as attorneys and legal representatives of our clients in the following procedures:
  • Arbitration 
  • Civil litigation
  • Administrative procedure
  • Criminal procedure
  • Mediation
Banking and financial law
Banking and financial law
Our scope of work cover expert opinions in the field of the banking and finances and we have big qualities in the legal services for banks and other legal entities that provide financial services. 
  • Consulting financial institutions in a daily basis. 
  • Collection of debts
  • Consulting the legal aspects of the financial transactions. 
  • Mortgages and guarantees.
Intellectual property
Intellectual property
We offer legal services and opinions related to all industrial property and copyright issues. 
Our office is registered representative for mediation and realization of the intellectual property rights through protection, submission, implementation and final registration of the application for industrial property rights before the competent authorities. 
In addition, we also offer mediation during customs protection of the intellectual property rights. 
  • Trademarks, patents and designs
  • Licensing and franchises
  • Procedures for protection against violation of the intellectual property right. 
  • Copyright.
International trade law
International trade law
The game rules that govern in the international market are complex matter for which it is necessary a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience that we offer to our clients in processing the issues regarding the international law and international trade of goods and services. 
  • Consulting in all aspects of the international trade
  • Preparation of trade agreements and sales agreements
  • Transfer of technology and technological systems “know-how”
  • International arbitrage
  • Mediation and solution of disputes
Tax law
Tax law
Our office offers complete legal, financial, accounting and consulting services, particularly important for the foreign companies (state or private).
  • Consulting and assistance in the entire range of tax issues 
  • Representation at various levels before the state and local tax authorities. 
Real Estate
Real Estate
The process when you acquire, buy, inherit, undertake, sell, lease or rent real estate or company seams easy, but still is a complex process. We recommend you to be informed and to realize all transactions with certainty, as well as the activities that are to be undertaken. 
Let the mediation to our office that will promptly and with your smallest effort help in achieving the goal that you have with your real estate.
  • Consulting at buying, selling and leasing of real estates. 
    • Protection of ownership rights.‚Äč
General legal consulting
General legal consulting
“Mihajloski & Popovska” represents personal legal consultant with complete legal service in one place. 
Many of our clients require us to act as counselors for all legal and business issues that compose their everyday operation, as well as the entire process of development of an institution and a company. 
Our office provides numerous services for the companies in the public and the private sector for example, private public bids, status changes (merging, separation), public-private partnership.
Therefore, “Mihajloski & Popovska” acts as official legal consultant in all fields of the companies, where participate actively in the process of corporate administration. As a separate specialty and expertise of the law office “Mihajloski & Popovska” is the legal assistance especially for the foreign investors, related to the activities and the operation in accordance with the legal regulations in the Republic of Macedonia.