For our team
The most important capital of the law office “Mihajloski & Popovska” is the lawyer’s team.
In order our clients to get top service, we invest continuously in education, consulting and informing our personnel. Thus, we are strengthening our expertise, known for the lawyers of the law office “Mihajloski & Popovska”, 
We are lawyers who have experience and knowledge not only in working with large companies with corporate issues and complex cases, but we can surely say that we are also attractive to the smaller companies. 
We are available and we adjust to the possibilities of our clients. 
Our team is made of young, clever and dynamic intellectuals: lawyers and jurists with diversified education and experience, as well as large comprehensive knowledge in order to respond to all interests of the clients. The work is going on in dynamic, but pleasant environment where the cooperation is highly valued and the client is impeccably served.